Thanks For Tuning into Draco TV's Live Podcast, Featuring Maj Soueidan of GeoInvesting, LLC

To recap, Maj Soueidan, President & Co-founder of GeoInvesting spoke with Quim Abril of Draco Global, who is the host of the Draco TV. Quim launched a new feature where he plans to interview successful investors who have proven to persevere in the stock market. You saw Quim pick Maj's brain on his beginnings and overall strategic approach to microcap investing, and we are excited to offer you a chance to continue to learn more from Maj and GeoInvesting via a special offer.

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About GeoInvesting

Since GeoInvesting’s inception in 2007, GeoInvesting has worked diligently to understand and benefit from working in areas that the Wall Street “crowd” has avoided – namely, microcap stocks. This niche of the market, while mostly ignored by analysts and financial media, is still often quietly invested in by many well-known billionaires. We apply our own proprietary analysis in the space to find pockets of information arbitrage and unnoticed opportunities that have acted as the backbone for our investing success for over a decade. 

We help investors understand companies better by interviewing management teams, dissecting conference calls, interacting with our wide network of investors and scouring financial documents for hidden clues. Maj has nearly 30 years of investing experience and manages the GeoInvesting Team on a daily basis to increase its investment opportunity pipeline and heighten the Company's awareness in the financial markets to intensify its market influence.

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Geoinvesting is great! I pretty much check it daily to see what's going on in the market and have awareness of many more microcap companies as a result.

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